About me, Philip Kearns

This blog is written by Philip Kearns.  I first started using computers in 1980 in Kevin Street College, Dublin, getting my first job in 1984 as a systems programmer (C on Motorola 68010) of a proprietary operating system.  I stayed in programming until 1992 when I switched to system administration of a mixture of Unix and Unix-like systems.  Since then at home and at work I have continued my administration of Unix and Unix-like operating systems: SunOS/Solaris, Linux, HP/UX, MacOS.  However I have continued to use and enhance my programming skills and regularly use several computer languages (C, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, awk, sed, Bourne shell, Python) at home and at work.

I can be contacted on Linkedin, but unless you know me personally please send me a LinkedIn InMail rather than a connect request.

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