LinkedIn streamlining its apps into oblivion

Just before Christmas LinkedIn announced changes to its profile pages adding that it would also be “streamlining” its app offerings, resulting in its link to WordPress® being streamlined into oblivion.  This was bad news for me because it is important to me that my blog is associated with my LinkedIn identity.  Anyone who was using LinkedIn’s apps were told in the same email that they will have new ways to “showcase rich content” on their profile; there was no follow-up email to suggest how or when this might work.  An Internet search for the term “linkedin showcase rich content on your profile” turned up a lot of leads one of which was hosted on wordpress,com, describing in more detail how the rich content feature would work.

That blog described the nature of LinkedIn’s new offerings—which is more than LinkedIn itself did—and I confirmed that none of those new features was any use to me. However a subsequent link in the search results revealed something that really should have been on LinkedIn’s notification: it’s possible to get your WordPress blog to write to LinkedIn.

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