This is just a front page for the Linux Tech website. Currently this site really consists only of a blog, and the scripts and C code associated with the blog. The blog covers a wide range of subjects including, so far:
  1. Linux administration
  2. Shell scripting
  3. Using PHP to create a website

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place
George Bernard Shaw
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This website

The page was built using RapidWeaver on a Mac. It's like iWeb on steroids and if you're interested in it I would recommend "RapidWeaver 5 Beginner's Guide" by Joe Workman. The images for the slideshow were constructed using screenshots and the inevitable Photoshop Elements.

The blog is by WordPress and hosted on my Internet provider. I used "Using WordPress®" by Tris Hussey which I read online on O'Reilly Safari Books, which is an outstanding service. I wish I could find a magazine service as good as it. I was with a site that shall remain nameless but they switched to a ghastly sluggish Adobe Air application so I cancelled my subscriptions.
This shows a lightbox stack in action with some random photographs.
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who I am
Linux/Unix engineer/programmer in the industry since 1984
contacting me
It's best to contact me through LinkedIn, but you can use the contact form.
What I do
Linux consultancy